RetroQuest TLP

  RetroQuest is the TLP version of IxiQuest. EXP has been moderated down and game balance is more expansion focused. Quality of life is still available in RetroQuest with things like Origin and Pet Affinity at level 1 and client benefits like extended target and 10 slot bags. The server has sprinkles of custom content and custom commands that allow players to do more and allows them to attempt to solve their own issues like the time locked +warp command to get your player unstuck and +shrink, +shrinkgroup and +shrinkraid commands. Race changes are available with a small donation, and no item is race restricted.

What sets this server apart from other servers?

Class balance, focused on party balance
Promoting group play with group Auras and EXP scale adjustments
PVP Event (Dark Crystal)
Lots of Quality of Life additions
Custom dungeon
New raid bosses
7 tier progress reward system for Kunark alone
4 tiers of custom aura buffs that are shared with your party.
Instances for encounters with an instance tracker
and much more..

Time gapped TLP starting at Kunark
6 months between expansions
No spell research
Quality of life enhancements
Custom encounters and events
Custom commands
Custom auction
Various custom items
Various custom spells
Various custom augments
Various custom auras
Crafted Jukebox (mini bard)
Various rare world drops
Most items tradeable
Some items that were removed from live are back (no manastone)
/OOC synced to Discord for cross communication
Reverted zones back to classic state
Classes re-examined and balanced to be desirable in groups and raids
Zero tolerance for bots and cheaters
2 boxes per user concurrently
Be friendly to your co-players
No obscene profanity in open channels
Be courteous of other players camps and leveling areas
Use common sense
No MacroQuest or ShowEQ, etc. allowed GINA and DPS parsing applications are OK!


RetroQuest uses a slightly customized RoF2 client with old zone files enabled. It is highly recommended you use the downloadable client found here or on the RetroQuest client page. Use the included patcher to keep your client files up-to-date.